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Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation

Accessibility Compliance Solutions

  • Evaluate website performance with assistive technology devices
  • Verify and document compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0

Aurora provides accessibility conformance evaluation solutions to verify compliance with Section 508 and the W3Cs Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). During a conformance review, our accessibility experts will review your website with automated assessment tools and a screen reader to evaluate compatibility with assistive technology devices. Aurora staff will review results from automated and manual accessibility testing, analyze accessibility and validation failures (if any), and make a final determination of conformance with Section 508 and WCAG Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Page Selection

Website page selection is the first step in any formal accessibility conformance evaluation. Our accessibility experts will review your website, and assemble a page selection representing all of the different types of pages in your site. A typical page selection includes the home page, section pages, and all pages with heavy visitor traffic.

Automated Accessibility Scans

Aurora’s conformance evaluation solutions include a scan with automated accessibility assessment tools to identify errors in webpage coding, contrast, and website content markup. Our accessibility engineers will scan your website with a range of automated tools including: HTML/CSS validators, Wave Accessibility Tool, AChecker, and more. Automated accessibility scans help to detect:

  • Images missing alternate text
  • Deprecated/Invalid HTML and CSS
  • Forms missing input labels
  • And more

Manual Accessibility Evaluation

Automated tools are great for identifying structural problems with your website, but manual testing is required to get a complete picture of accessibility. During a manual evaluation, Aurora engineers will test your website with a screen reader to determine compatibility with assistive technology devices. We’ll compile results from manual tests in a website accessibility evaluation report, and document any errors for further testing and repair.

Usability Review

Aurora recommends a third-party usability review to evaluate conformance and identify accessibility barriers for assistive technology users. A usability review is an essential component of any conformance review, and can help identify barriers that automated and manual checks have missed. During a usability review, assistive technology users (including individuals with disabilities) will review the page selection to confirm accessibility, and identify any remaining accessibility barriers.

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