Leverage IT to Increase Profitability

CRM Solutions

Managing your contacts and direct marketing should not be a drag on your business. At Aurora, we provide custom fit marketing solutions using open –source and proprietary Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. These systems allow you to:

Manage your contacts for direct marketing

Managing contacts for email promotions has never been easier with CRM solutions. Consolidate all of your marketing tools in one location. Create and manage contact groups directly in your Web browser. Search for contacts and create new groups quickly and easily.

Automate Email Marketing

Manage your email marketing campaigns via the Web. Select from a number of pre-built message templates and compose email marketing messages in your Web browser. Easily track the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns.

Track User Engagement and Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Track user engagement instantly via your Web browser—including mail deliveries, openings, and clicks. Fine tune campaigns to maximize engagement and conversions.

Register Participants for Events

Register participants for events and collect payments via your website. Supported payment processors include Authorize.net™, PayPal®, and more. Track registrations in your browser and send follow-up emails to participants.

Deliver Premium Content on your Website

CRM solutions integrate seamlessly with your Website to allow premium content delivery. Manage memberships and renewals via your Website, track member activity, and more.

Accept donations

Accept donations online using Authorize.net™, PayPal®, or other payment processor. Track donations and monitor campaigns online via your Web browser.

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