Accessibility Compliance

Website Accessibility Compliance

Website Accessibility Repair and Remediation

Achieve your accessibility compliance goals with our website accessibility repair and remediation services.

Aurora provides website accessibility repair and remediation services to achieve compliance with Section 508 and ADA Title III. Our comprehensive accessibility repair and remediation services will ensure that your website works seamlessly with assistive technology devices.

Accessibility Repair Services

Accessibility Repair

Theme and Template Repair

We’ll evaluate your website theme and theme templates to identify and fix accessibility errors. Learn more about theme repair

Web Content Updates

We’ll update your website content to ensure compatibility with assistive technology (AT) devices. Learn more about content updates

Web Form Updates

We’ll review and update all web forms on your site to ensure that they work for AT users. Learn more about web form updates

Theme and Template Repair

Whether you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or other content management system, website themes can contain accessibility errors that can pose significant barriers for people with disabilities. At Aurora, we provide theme, template, and style sheet repair to address core accessibility issues that appear on multiple pages across your website. Some examples of typical errors in web templates include:

  • HTML/CSS Syntax Errors
  • Images missing alternate text descriptions
  • Keyboard accessibility problems – navigation systems and pages not usable with a keyboard only
  • Contrast errors – insufficient contrast between foreground and background elements
  • And more

Our accessibility engineers will update your website theme, templates and style sheets to remove accessibility barriers, and re-rest pages to verify conformance with WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1.

Web Content Updates

Modern content management systems have opened Web publishing to the masses. The downside of this is that much of the content that is published on the Web is not available in accessible formats. This includes:

  • Images missing alternate text
  • Embedded video missing captions
  • Pages using invalid/deprecated HTML markup
  • And more

At Aurora, we provide web content updates to achieve compliance with Section 508 and the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our accessibility experts will review your site content, and update page markup, images, videos, and other content to address accessibility barriers. We’ll then re-test your pages using both automated and manual tools to verify conformance with WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1.

Web Form Updates

Web forms that are not keyboard accessible can be completely unusable by assistive technology users—and can pose a significant barrier to accessibility. Common uses of Web forms include:

  • Contact forms that collect user information
  • Select menus that link to other parts of your website
  • Job application forms
  • And more

Our accessibility engineers will test your website with a screen reader to verify accessibility with assistive technology devices. We’ll identify and document barriers, and update web forms to meet keyboard and other accessibility requirements (including error reporting). We’ll then re-test forms to verify that they are accessible with assistive technology devices.

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