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Website Accessibility Compliance

Website Accessibility Audits

Identify critical accessibility errors with our website accessibility audit service.

Take the first step towards accessibility compliance with our website accessibility audit service. During an accessibility audit, our accessibility engineers will review your site with both automated and manual tools to assess and document accessibility barriers. We’ll then report our findings, and help you develop a plan to achieve compliance.

Our Process

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Why do I need a website accessibility audit?

A website accessibility audit is essential to get a snapshot of the accessibility of your website, and to identify critical accessibility errors. We recommend a website accessibility audit for anyone looking to improve the accessibility of their website, and to achieve compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1.

What’s Included

Our website accessibility audit service includes: testing with automated and manual tools (including a screen reader), a website accessibility report documenting any accessibility barriers, and recommendations for repair and remediation to achieve compliance.

Our baseline accessibility audit includes:

  • Scanning with W3C Validators to identify HTML/CSS syntax errors
  • Scanning with automated accessibility checkers (i.e. Wave Evaluation Tool and AChecker) to identify WCAG failures
  • Manual testing with NVDA screen reader to evaluate compatibility with assistive technology devices
  • Real-time reporting of accessibility test results using Google Sheets

Website Accessibility Audit Report

Once we’ve completed an audit of your website, we’ll deliver a final website accessibility audit report. This report includes a summary and analysis of WCAG failures, priorities for repair, and recommendations to achieve compliance. We’ll meet with you to discuss our findings, and help you develop a plan to repair and certify your website for compliance.

Our services include:

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