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Website Accessibility Audit

Get actionable information to address accessibility barriers on your website!

Aurora recommends a preliminary website accessibility audit to identify the scope and severity of accessibility barriers. A website accessibility audit can help:

  • Identify and quantify the types of accessibility errors on your website
  • Prioritize upgrades and develop a remediation plan

During a preliminary review, Aurora staff will test a small sample of pages on your site with automated and manual tools (including a screen reader), and summarize test results in a Preliminary Website Evaluation Report.

Preliminary Website Evaluation Report

The website evaluation report summarizes the nature and severity of accessibility barriers, and includes references to WCAG 2.0 guidelines. The evaluation report provides actionable information to develop a formal remediation plan including website upgrades, testing, personnel training, and more.

The website evaluation report consists of the following sections:

Evaluation Summary

The evaluation summary lists accessibility conformance failures by category with references to WCAG guidelines. Accessibility criteria are evaluated using automated assessment tools and assistive technology devices, and graded pass/fail to indicate conformance with WCAG guidelines.

Analysis of accessibility barriers

The Preliminary Website Evaluation Report includes an analysis of accessibility barriers with an assessment of the severity of barriers for people with disabilities and assistive technology users. Accessibility barriers are prioritized as critical, high or moderate based on their impact:

  • Critical – accessibility barrier poses a critical barrier to accessibility. One or more groups of people would find the page impossible to use or navigate with assistive technology devices.
  • High – accessibility barrier poses a significant barrier to accessibility. One or more groups would find the page difficult to use with assistive technology devices.
  • Moderate – accessibility barrier poses a moderate barrier to accessibility. One or more groups would be able to use the page, but repairs are required to conform to accessibility guidelines (Section 508/WCAG).

Recommendations for accessibility repair, remediation, and conformance testing

The Website Evaluation Report includes recommendations for comprehensive website accessibility evaluation and repair including:

  • Scope of testing/page selection required for a comprehensive accessibility evaluation.
  • Key Accessibility errors that need to be addressed for conformance to WCAG guidelines.
  • Recommendations for training, maintenance, and conformance monitoring

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